vintage Rolleicord Vb + Polaroid back & Rolleicord II model I camera sold by Delta 98 Den Haag

 recently sold by 
Delta 98 Den Haag on

a vintage 6X6 twin lens reflex, waist level finder camera, the
Rolleicord Vb Grey + Polaroid back
made by Rollei, Franke & Heidecke in Germany
upper/viewing lens Heidosmat 1:3.2/75
lower/taking lens Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 1:3.5/75
grey Rolleicopi, grey Polaroid back, Rolleinar 4R1, Rolleinar 4 mask, 
counter wheel, extension ring and twin lens cap

an old, 1936 or 1937, 
medium format for 12 6x6 exposures on 120 roll film, 
TLR WLF camera, the
Rolleicord II, model I
made by Franke & Heidecke Braunschweig,
with brown and silver lithographed face plate and 
round brown and silver F&H logo on the hood,
upper/viewing lens Heidoscop Anastigmat 1:3,2 f=7,5cm
lower/taking lens Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar 1:3,5 f=7,5cm
FD / Friedrich Deckel Compur shutter

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called Delta 98 Den Haag

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