Something old, something new, never borrowed, but always blue: items sold by Delta 98 Den Haag

jugendstil glass vase, circa 1900, by Loetz Wwe,

a very rare pair of large art nouveau, silver overlay vases,
circa 1900, circa 35 cm,
by Loetz Wwe

a large Unica Leerdam, 1960's, designed by A.D. Copier

a large Unica Leerdam, 1930's, designed by A.D. Copier

1904, first print of
Vogelvreugd, een prenteboek voor de lieve jeugd,
by Theo van Hoytema (1863-1917)

a large art deco vase of blue moulded and cut glass with cherubs / putti
Bohemia, circa 1920

de Pauwserie, circa 1920,
bookdesign by H.Th. Wijdeveld (1885-1987) 

Kosta Boda glass


ink drawing / kroontjespentekeningen
circa 1967, by:
Piet van den Heuvel (1935-2004)
also known as Napaku 

The Second Room / De Tweede Kamer

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two small glass vases, designed by 
Hans Bolek (1890-1978), executed by Loetz Wwe

Tropon l'aliment plus concentre,
from the magazine L'Art Decoratif 1898,
designed by Henry van de Velde,
we had 4 years of that magazine 

bronze buste by:
Jean Mich (1871-1919)
Chih - Fan   Han Yang - Chine

so called Eierschaal porcelein, by
Haagsche Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg (1883-1916)

a full-round carved and gilt antique statue
made circa 1800

one piece of a huge collection of art nouveau tiles we had,
this is a tile of Minton


sold in January 2018 on eBay.com by Delta 98 Den Haag

an early 17th century oil painting on copper plate, on a wooden panel:
The Crucifixion of Christ
on Golgotha, in the background a view on Jerusalem, with The Dome of Rock.
The three figures in the front are thought to be The Three Marys. Dressed in blue The Virgin Mary - Holy Mother of Christ, dressed in yellow Maria Magdalena and in red Mary Clopas, but the person in red is also mentioned to be John the Evangelist.
A tag on the back has the Dutch text: dit schilderijtje is voor Truus Lisfone, meaning a previous owner wanted it to be passed on to a female person called Truus Lisfone
size, excl. frame: 15,8 x 13 cm

an antique, silver mounted lacquer seal with a white agate matrix,
on the stamp:
Nemo Me Impune Lacesset
In Defence
This is the national motto of Scotland and the latin motto of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, the highest chivalric order of Scotland.