art nouveau bronze bowl, circa 1900

arts & crafts, mission style lamp, circa 1910,
sold to the John Muir collection, USA

art deco, ceramic lidded bowl
by Jan Schonk (Dutch, 1889-1976)

penning De Boeienkoning / art medal The Escape Artist,
designed by Theo van de Vathorst (Dutch, born 1934)
issued in 1994 by Vereniging voor Penningkunst

Eugene Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879)
Histoire d'un hotel de ville et d'une cathedrale
transalation and cover design by
Theo Molkenboer (Dutch, 1871-1920)
De Geschiedenis van een stadhuis en van eene kathedraal

a gilt bronze, alabaster and marble sculpture,
a bust of a proud young woman, 
by: Affortunato Gory (Italy 1895-1925 France)


- Jugend -
art nouveau magazine, circa 1900
Jugendstil Zeitschrift - Wochenschrift:


- Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration -
Jugendstil Monatshefte
art nouveau, monthly magazine, circa 1900:

Grosse Kunstausstellung Dresden 1908


Hessische Landes Ausstellung Darmstadt 1908
design by: Professor F.W. Kleukens


ceramic figure by Etie van Rees (Dutch, 1890-1973)

Unica Leerdam, art deco glass vase, designed by
A.D. Copier (Dutch, 1901-1991) for Glasfabriek Leerdam, The Netherlands

a large Dutch art deco, hammered copper bowl
with a frog on water lily leaves

Dutch design glass vase, by Floris Meydam (1919-2011)

Rain Giver, a bark painting by the indigenous people of Australia
Wandjina, Kimberley

- Herinnering Dienstverband Rijksmuseum Amsterdam -
art medal, designed by Theresia van der Pant (Dutch, 1924-2013)


a wooden sculpture of a standing foal
by Dirk Bus (Dutch, 1907-1978)

a bronze sculpture of a kicking foal
by Dirk Bus (Dutch, 1907-1978)

a bronze sculpture of a proud foal
by Albert Termote (Dutch, 1887-1978)

a bronze sculpture of a tired horse
by Albert Termote (Dutch, 1887-1978)


a Dutch art nouveau ensemble:
a sofa, a coffee table and buffet,
inlaid with various woods and ivory,
to create designs of butterflies, fishes, spiders and geometric decoration
circa 1900-1910
design and manufacturer unknown
now in a private collection

- Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst -
een ensemble van meubels; een bank, een buffet en een koffietafel,
ingelegd met diverse houtsoorten en ivoor,
in een decoratie van vlinders, vissen, spin in het web en geometriche vlakversiering
circa 1900-1910
ontwerper en meubelmaker onbekend
nu in een prive collectie


De Postduif
a large art deco art medal, designed by Chris van der Hoef (Dutch, 1875-1933)
- penning Eerste Postvlucht van Nederland naar Nederlandsch-Indie, 1927, 116 mm -

art deco art medal, designed by Chris van der Hoef (Dutch, 1875-1933)
- penning Eerste Passagiersvlucht van Nederland naar Nederlandsch-Indie, 1927, 110 mm -
a KLM flight with the Fokker F.VIIa, H-NADP, passenger Mr. Van Lear Black
large, art deco lustre ware vase, designed by
Gaston Bruneau for Balon, Blois, France

Dutch art deco stained glass lamp
Amsterdamse School, circa 1920

two, slightly different, art deco clocks, designed in 1925
by C.J. / Karl Gellings (Dutch, 1892-1959)

Dutch art nouveau book: Kunst en Samenleving, 1894
- Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst -
The Claims of Decorative Art by Walter Crane, translated by Jan Veth (1864-1925)
book design by Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof (1866-1924)


art nouveau gilded bronze statue of a lady playing an arm held organ,
a mediƫval instrument known as: organetto portativo
- femme / musicienne avec orgue portatif -
by: Francois Alphonse Piquemal (France, 1869-1911)

jugendstil glass vase with gold floral decoration,
by: Carl Goldberg, circa 1910

art deco silver lacquer seal with it's original bronze stand / holder
the stamp depicts Aphrodite, on the pedestal Ares, the god of war
designed by: Gustav Gurschner (Austria, 1873-1970)
provenance: the secretary of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Doorn, The Netherlands

a German, art deco, dramatical bronze of a man on his horse
we titled it:
"bringing each other home"

a large art nouveau bronze sculpture
designed by: Felix Charpentier (France, 1858-1924)
title: Venus aux Hirondelles, date: 1893
also called: La Muse d'Ete, Farewell from a swallow, Venus with swallows

Dutch art deco, Amsterdam School stained glass lamp, circa 1920

La Fileuse, a girl with a spindle
antique gilt and silvered bronze with Ivory statue
by: Albert Ernest Carrier de Belleuse (France, 1824-1887)

a detail of the lid of a wooden with ivory box
by Pierre Emile Legrain (1889-1929)
art deco chair designed by
Pierre Emile Legrain (france, 1889-1929)


Gazelle Bust, a porcelain head of a deer
by the sculptor Juan Huerta, for Lladro, Spain

Plateel, Dutch art deco lidded ceramic pot
by Jan Schonk (1889-1976)

Sorbier / Sorbus, an art deco glass paste pendant jewel
by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau (France, 1885-1953)

art deco lustre glazed pottery vase
by Clement Massier, Golfe-Juan, France

an accordian playing boy, le petit accordeonist,
Lazzarone, designed by Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947)


art nouveau, bronze lacquer seal

a lion king, ceramic by Lily ter Kuile (Dutch, 1926-2016)

a prancing foal, stoneware pottery, by Elfriede Balzar Kopp (1904-1983)

Aquarium Lamp, art glass designed by Gino Cenedese, Murano

a lacquer seal with coat of arms of Barons of Forbes, Scotland
motto: Grace my Guide, used between 1734-1804

a lithograph from the magazine The Studio, circa 1905

ceramic, made in an interment camp in Indonesia,
during the Japanese occupation, 1942-1945