just a few of the many vintage camera's sold by Delta 98 Den Haag:

Leica IIIF rangefinder camera

antique folding, wooden, bellow plate camera,
originaly sold by 
Dr. A.H.C. van Senus, Rotterdam

vintage camera Fed 1, NKVD USSR

a vintage camera, the Rollei 35S Gold,
24 karat gold-plated,
issued in limited edition, at 60 year Rollei anniversary,
in mint condition, with original paperwork and case

vintage 6x6 camera Rollei Rolleicord Vb with Rolleilux

vintage camera Nikon F with Photomic

vintage 6x6 camera Rollei Rolleicord with many accessories,

f.e prism and pistol grip

vintage camera Zorki 4 with universal, rotating viewfinder

Leitz Leicaflex with 7 lenses

vintage stereo camera Gomz Sputnik, USSR