recently sold on Ebay from the Delta 98 Den Haag collection

a bronze, art deco table lamp designed by Roland Paris

an antique, 18th century glass with high doomed and folded foot

a man size, fully carved wooden Waken ancestor figure by the 
Sawos People, Yamok village, Sepik

an art nouveau / art deco, bronze lampstand

an 18th century gin glass with folded foot

a Kodak Retina Reflex S

two Stargazers from the Dogon People, Mali, 
95 cm, Giacometti style

a Leitz Leica M3 

a large, antique ceramic plate made by
Tichelaar Makkum, Holland

a Leitz Summicron 3,5 lens

a 19th century bronze sculpture with three Hindu deity's 

a large, antique, multi colored, ceramic plate, made by 
Tichelaar Makkum, Holland

an art & crafts pewter box
a Leitz Leicaflex

a Chihonga Chokwe mask

a vintage analog camera, the Exacta VX 1000

three 19th century Grand Tour thermometers

an antique lacquer seal with two men holding hands

a carved wooden Corpus Christi, 19th century, 
probably made in South America

an antique, 18th century red wine glass with opaque spiral twist 
and a double circle of tears in the bottom of the cuppa

an antique silver Afghan ring with carved stone seal

a collection of 18th - 19th century, Kacip betel nut crackers

an antique Hovedvandseg / Vinaigrette / Lacquer seal

a 17th century carved wooden Ionic capital

an antique, 18th century, red wine glass with spiral twist stem

an antique, cire perdue, bronze Hindu ghee lamp, Thookku Vilakku