Touch wood, Catweazle and a 17th Century carved wooden statue from Delta 98 Den Haag

 She is lovely,

this 16th -17th Century carved wooden girl

with her simple dress, her repainted face and her missing arms.

                          When you touch the wood, you know her age.

When you think it's a saint, you change your mind because there are no signs for that.

When you look at her dress, you know she is a working class girl.

Nothing holy about that.

Then you discover a square piece at the front of her body.

You know it can be a cover of a compartiment, called a receptable.

You know relics or something precious can be inside, 

a letter, some hair ...

Then the whole could be called a reliquary.

                                             We did not open it.

Neither the new owner, but she did gave this girl a name:


"because she is belle"

Anabelle traveled  through time, 

just like Catweazle in the 1970's television series, 

with the title role played by Geoffrey Bayldon.

Catweazle had a friend, a toad, called Touchwood.

                          I touch wood and hope Anabelle has a secret 

and that she will keep it forever.

sold by Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands