recently sold by Delta 98 Den Haag,
from their collection of
etnografic art from Indonesia / Melanesia - Pacific /Oceanic tribal art

2 main parts of a 

Wetar shield

an extremely rare item,
documented as a handshield, known as

Kle-hili from the Island Wetar

Wetar is a small island, north east of Timor, a Barat Daya Island, in the Banda Sea, part of the Maluku Islands, Moluccas / Molukken, Indonesia


- De kunst van de Verdediging, schilden uit het Tropenmuseum -
by David van Duuren

a picture of 3 Wetar warriors with shield,
from: Die Sitten der Volker, Buschan, 1923
in the book:
Shields - Africa, South East Asia and Oceania, the collections of the Barbier-Mueller Museum, published by Prestel

details of the two parts: