Sold by Delta 98 Den Haag: some paintings by Oskar Lens

... Personages, intriges en vreemde ontmoetingen ...

some paintings by Oskar Lens sold by Delta 98 Den Haag

provenance: the estate of Jaap Harten and Oskar Lens, The Hague

Marlene in a Berlin bar

Who is the lady of the house

Herr General Direktor

Oskar Lens, geboren in 25 september 1930 te Hilversum, 
jurist en schilder,
overleden op 14 oktober 2017 te Den Haag

zijn partner Jaap Harten / Jacobus Cornelis Harten, stierf korte tijd later,
dichter, schrijver, oprichter van het Hartenfonds,
Blaricum 22 september 1930 - 2 december 2017 Den Haag

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1950's 35mm rangefinder camera's recently sold by Delta 98 Den Haag

 some recently sold 
vintage analog roll film camera's made in the 1950's
on eBay.com by
Delta 98 Den Haag,

the 35mm rangefinder camera Yamato Pax M2

the 35mm rangefinder camera Zorki I

how a Zorki will look inside when you open it

the 35mm rangefinder camera Kodak Retina IIc

more vintage camera's selling by Delta 98 Den Haag on eBay:


Sold by Delta 98 Den Haag


a beloved 17th - 18th Century carved wooden Putto,
found a new home in the USA

an art deco bronze wax seal and stand
now in a private US collection

both objects recently sold by: 

Delta 98 Den Haag 
The Hague, The Netherlands


Vintage wax mannequin heads, sold by Delta 98 Den Haag

now in a USA collection:
an early 20th century child mannequin head,
made of wax with glass eyes, ceramic teeth and long eye lashes,
Maison de Mannequins F. Reper 
- for Frans / Francois Reper -
cire artistique Belge, atelier 12 rue Adolphe LaVallee, Brussels


also sold by Delta 98 Den Haag:


Sold by Delta 98 Den Haag: an antique madonna, an art nouveau Lesueur / Japy Freres clock and the Leica M5

 some recently sold items of
Delta 98 Den Haag,
The Hague, The Netherlands

a 17th - 18th century carved wooden statue of

Holy Mary, The Madonna 

in the Baroque style, standing on a cloud above a pedestal, with two cherubs in the cloud, the statue has glass eyes and many of it's original polychrome: gold, red, white and several tones of blue

art nouveau / jugendstil period mantle clock / horloge de cheminee

made by:

A. Lesueur, France

with thistle / carduus decoration, the movement is by:

Japy Freres, France

 a near mint, vintage, analog, 35mm roll-film rangefinder camera, the 

Leica M 5

with Leitz lenses and many extra's, made by Leitz, Wetzlar in Germany

with black anodized finish, Leica protection cap, in original Leica clear plastic bag with it's serial number, in makers box with it's serial number

with extra's:

lens 1: Summicron 1 : 2 / 50 - Leitz Wetzlar, with metal Leica lens cap and Leitz blister in original Leitz makers box with it's serial number 

lens 2. Elmarit 1 : 2.8 / 90 - Leitz Wetzlar, with metal Leica lens cap and Leitz blister in Leitz makers box

Leitz Visoflex III - 2 parts: with 2 black Leica protection caps, each in a Leitz makers box, with red lining inside

Leitz extension tube: 2 rings

Leitz focusing mount - chrome - in a Leitz Leica box

Leitz suncap - black metal - with Leica cap - in a Leitz Leica box with suncap 

Leitz filter - Yellow 1 - in Leica blister & box

Leitz filter- UVa - in Leica blister & box

2x a roll-film cassette in black tube - all Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Leitz Wetzlar leather case & strap

3 more caps: 2x Leica, 1x Leitz

several manuals in German and paperwork from a former Dutch owner


An art deco vase by A. DeLatte France sold by Delta 98 Den Haag

 on the Delta 98 Den Haag stand at the Antique Market The Hague:

a French art deco glass vase, made of 
transparant glass with a blue marmoreen overlay with silver inclusions, 
blown into a wrought iron frame, signed with etching:

ADeLatte Nancy

for: Andre DeLatte, Verreries de l'Est SA, Nancy, France

now in a private collection in Luxembourg:

- picture taken by the present owner and published with consent -

with light from above into the vase:


vintage design objects sold by Delta 98 Den Haag: Barbini Murano, Antoinette de Ribes and a Dodge Ram van hood ornament

 sold by 

Delta 98 Den Haag

The Hague, The Netherlands:

the famous Squirrel bowl,
designed in 1931 by Antoinette de Ribes, executed by Christofle

the 1940's - 1950's Dodge pick-up truck 
ram hood ornament

a large crystal bowl and vase designed by Alfredo Barbini
in the 1960's - 1970's Scavo glass technique, with it's 
ash-like exterior on a brilliant black interior layer
executed at Vetreria Alfredo Barbini, Barbini Glassworks, Murano Italy

a large black crystal bowl with a clear ribbed top edge
Eseguito a mano vetra sonoro, by
Barbini, Murano


Jugendstil - Art Nouveau, Meyr's Neffe Theresienthal glass, sold by Delta 98 Den Haag

an elegant, antique crystal, enamelled, liquor carafe / decanter

 and a high stemmed liquor glass - a so called Stengelglass,

authentic Art Nouveau / Jugendstil, made between 1890 and 1919, at

Meyr's Neffe

in Adolf bei Winterberg, Theresienthal

the bottle has optical ribs, the stopper and the bottle have swirling, calligraphic-like, enamelled decoration of red and gold, gilding to the rims and the top of the stopper,

the glass has optical ribs, a floral enamelled decoration, floral decoration around the stem at the base and gilding to the rims

heights: 25 cm / 9.8 inch and 15,2 cm / 6 inch

both recently sold by 

Delta 98 Den Haag

The Hague, The Netherlands

2 other glasses are also sold Delta 98 Den Haag 


A circa 1910 wooden camera from Walter Talbot and Paul Waechter, sold by Delta 98 Den Haag



a portable, because folding, wooden plate camera with extending bellow, 
made circa 1905-1910 by 
Walter Talbot, Berlin
Walter Talbot, born in 1876, started his own business in 1905, in 1948 his daughter Irene took over.
Also known as: 
Fa. Walter Talbot, Photo Walter Talbot, Photo Talbot, Photohaus Walter Talbot, Talbot Photo, Berlin

with wooden, double plate holders for 13 x 18 cm film

with brass lens by 

Paul Waechter, Friedenau

Doppel-Anastigmat Triplan

F : 6   F = 180 mm, with only 1 diafragm stand (looks as if special altered)

lens registration: nr. 513   D.R.P. nr. 135742

Paul Carl Friedrich Waechter (1847-1893), his widow and August Puchler continued the business, after his death, in 1900 Pulcher and Paul Prasser went on as Paul Waechter Company


Antique wax seal of the station for plague sufferes and mental asylum in The Hague: Pesthuis en Dolhuis Den Haag

 recently sold by Delta 98 Den Haag to a USA collection: 

an antique wax / lacquer seal / stamp / sceau / lakstempel / zegelstempel

with text:

Pest en Dolhuis in Den Haag


station for plague sufferes and mental asylum in The Hague

this name of the institute was used between 1569 and 1827, we date this seal as 16th - 17th Century, the wooden hanlde is of much more recent date, after 1827 the name changed into: Verbeterhuis / Correction institute, written documents dating from 1453 are found with the name used: St. Antoniuskapel / St. Anthony's Chapel,and pre 1519 as:  Sieckhuys van der Pestilentie / House for the sick by the plague and in 1569 as: Pesthuis / Pesthuys or Sint Anthonispesthuis / plaguehouse,

until 1909 the institute was situated at the street corner of: Sint Anthoniestraat, later called Slijkeinde / Slikent and Vleerstraat, The Hague / Den Haag - Slijkeinde / Slikent meaning: dirt or mud road

a drawing of the building in 1570: Sint Anthonius kapel in 's Gravenhage (= Den Haag = The Hague), by Jacobus Stellingwerf: