Some items sold on the Antique Market The Hague, by Delta 98 Den Haag

 after laying in a garden for many years,

then on a pillow on the stand of

Delta 98 Den Haag

a bronze head of a smiling girl, titled

La Petite Rieuse / De Kleine Lachster

sculptor: Rik Wouters (1882-1916)

compare with how one is presented in the collection of

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam:

and a model or prototype of a large medal of the 

Litteraire Witte Prijs

this Dutch litterature price has been established in 1977,
the medal depicts the building of Societeit De Witte on the Plein, The Hague,
text on the reverse:
Nieuwe of Litteraire Societeit De Witte

designer of the medal was Thea IJdens - Schipperheijn ( Dutch, 1941-1993)

in 1977 Hella Haasse (Dutch, 1918-2011) was the first writer rewarded with this price and medal:


Some items sold by Delta 98 Den Haag in May 2021


"I can turn this way...."

"Or that way...."
a gilt bronze figure of an elegant lady,
art nouveau, circa 1900, by
Alphonse Henri Nelson 
(France, 1854-1919)

"Overthere! A mill! To the right!"

"Another mill! That way!"

The sculptor Albert Polydor Termote (1887-1932)
depicted in 1932 
Don Quixote de la Mancha on his horse Rocinante.
When taking a closer look at the head of the horse and 
the way she takes the next step,
you can tell that Rocinante is going neither way....
She will take the right way

Don Quixote - Don Quichot - Don Quijote

the sculptures are now in 
private collections in The Netherlands


Art Nouveau lamp & Art Deco table mirror, sold by Delta 98 Den Haag


an Art Nouveau - Jugendstil hanging lamp
with chunky opalescent glass pieces, 
hollow blown tubes and red glass beads,
now in a private USA collection

an Art Deco, wrought iron
table mirror,
to an other USA collector

sold by 
Delta 98 Den Haag
The Hague, The Netherlands


Filming with 16mm film in the 1930's with a Kino-Kamera and showing the movie with a Filmo 57 projector

 recently sold by 

Delta 98 Den Haag

The Hague, The Netherlands

a used, but beautiful, almost new looking, 16mm film / movie camera, the

Kino - Kamera F

made circa 1936 by Siemens Kino Technik, 
SH, Siemens & Halske AG Berlin

with many exciting accessories, such as:

3x Schneider Kreuznach lens, the
Tele Xenar F:3,8 f=10cm,
Xenon f:2,3 F=5cm,
Xenon F:1,5 f=2,5cm
all with orange Siemens SH lenscap, nikkel protecting cap & Siemens leather case

and with:

Leitz Wetzlar, long base rangefinder FONOR, with black clamp,

BEWI precision exposure meter, text in German,

4 viewfinders in makers box,
metal film cassette for Kodak film,
several booklets 
and a leaflet with the text:


and an almost new looking, 16mm movie projector, the 

Filmo 57

made circa 1928 by Bell & Howell, Chicago, USA

in it's original potable case, with inside a charming little bottle

Bell & Howell Film Oil

now in private German and Belgium collections