Sold by Delta 98 Den Haag: an antique madonna, an art nouveau Lesueur / Japy Freres clock and the Leica M5

 some recently sold items of
Delta 98 Den Haag,
The Hague, The Netherlands

a 17th - 18th century carved wooden statue of

Holy Mary, The Madonna 

in the Baroque style, standing on a cloud above a pedestal, with two cherubs in the cloud, the statue has glass eyes and many of it's original polychrome: gold, red, white and several tones of blue

art nouveau / jugendstil period mantle clock / horloge de cheminee

made by:

A. Lesueur, France

with thistle / carduus decoration, the movement is by:

Japy Freres, France

 a near mint, vintage, analog, 35mm roll-film rangefinder camera, the 

Leica M 5

with Leitz lenses and many extra's, made by Leitz, Wetzlar in Germany

with black anodized finish, Leica protection cap, in original Leica clear plastic bag with it's serial number, in makers box with it's serial number

with extra's:

lens 1: Summicron 1 : 2 / 50 - Leitz Wetzlar, with metal Leica lens cap and Leitz blister in original Leitz makers box with it's serial number 

lens 2. Elmarit 1 : 2.8 / 90 - Leitz Wetzlar, with metal Leica lens cap and Leitz blister in Leitz makers box

Leitz Visoflex III - 2 parts: with 2 black Leica protection caps, each in a Leitz makers box, with red lining inside

Leitz extension tube: 2 rings

Leitz focusing mount - chrome - in a Leitz Leica box

Leitz suncap - black metal - with Leica cap - in a Leitz Leica box with suncap 

Leitz filter - Yellow 1 - in Leica blister & box

Leitz filter- UVa - in Leica blister & box

2x a roll-film cassette in black tube - all Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Leitz Wetzlar leather case & strap

3 more caps: 2x Leica, 1x Leitz

several manuals in German and paperwork from a former Dutch owner

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