A circa 1910 wooden camera from Walter Talbot and Paul Waechter, sold by Delta 98 Den Haag



a portable, because folding, wooden plate camera with extending bellow, 
made circa 1905-1910 by 
Walter Talbot, Berlin
Walter Talbot, born in 1876, started his own business in 1905, in 1948 his daughter Irene took over.
Also known as: 
Fa. Walter Talbot, Photo Walter Talbot, Photo Talbot, Photohaus Walter Talbot, Talbot Photo, Berlin

with wooden, double plate holders for 13 x 18 cm film

with brass lens by 

Paul Waechter, Friedenau

Doppel-Anastigmat Triplan

F : 6   F = 180 mm, with only 1 diafragm stand (looks as if special altered)

lens registration: nr. 513   D.R.P. nr. 135742

Paul Carl Friedrich Waechter (1847-1893), his widow and August Puchler continued the business, after his death, in 1900 Pulcher and Paul Prasser went on as Paul Waechter Company

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