The Delta 98 Den Haag collection: eclectic or a mish mash ?

we were not the only ones who liked these items, 
representing our mixed taste and interest,
we prefer to name Mish Mash,
because they all have been sold

Dutch art nouveau doorknobs

art nouveau & art deco bookbindings

art deco glass sculpture designed in 1928 by Lion Cachet 

 a Jugendstil pewter Brittania plate 

framed art calender pages by Theo Hoytema

a wax seal stamp with the coat of arms of the 
family Von Ranzow 
was bought by descendants in the USA


wishing to have it back...a bronze by Carl Muschard

a bronze statue of Mephisto 
as a jester with two monkeys on his shoulders
by Carl Muschard

 Many years ago we were standholders at the collectables fair, 
Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs in Utrecht.

My husband was walking around, searching for items to buy.
He came back and said:
"I saw a bronze statue, come and have a look"
On the way there he told me the price of the dealer and that was high.
"Overthere", he said, "in the middle of that stand"
We were at least 15 meters from the stand, 
but I saw enough.
I got mad and turnend around while saying, probably with an angry face:
"Of course you should buy that"
and I walked back to our stand.

The dealer might have seen my angry face 
and offered the statue for a much lower price to my husband

It became ours.
And I loved it so very much.

It was a jester in a triumphant pose,
with on each shoulder a monkey, 
they were holding his crown in place with one hand,
with the other they held their own head in despair

Less then two weeks later we had it with us on the
The Hague Art Deco Fair
and sold it.....horrible.

I would love to have it back.
To keep. For ever.

recently sold on Ebay from the Delta 98 Den Haag collection

a bronze, art deco table lamp designed by Roland Paris

an antique, 18th century glass with high doomed and folded foot

a man size, fully carved wooden Waken ancestor figure by the 
Sawos People, Yamok village, Sepik

an art nouveau / art deco, bronze lampstand

an 18th century gin glass with folded foot

a 19th century bronze inkwell

a Kodak Retina Reflex S

two Stargazers from the Dogon People, Mali, 
95 cm, Giacometti style

a Leitz Leica M3 

a large, antique ceramic plate made by
Tichelaar Makkum, Holland

a Leitz Summicron 3,5 lens

a 19th century bronze sculpture with three Hindu deity's 

a large, antique, multi colored, ceramic plate, made by 
Tichelaar Makkum, Holland

an art & crafts pewter box
a Leitz Leicaflex

a Chihonga Chokwe mask

a vintage analog camera, the Exacta VX 1000

three 19th century Grand Tour thermometers

an antique lacquer seal with two men holding hands

a carved wooden Corpus Christi, 19th century, 
probably made in South America

an antique, 18th century red wine glass with opaque spiral twist 
and a double circle of tears in the bottom of the cuppa

an antique silver Afghan ring with carved stone seal

a collection of 18th - 19th century, Kacip betel nut crackers

an antique Hovedvandseg / Vinaigrette / Lacquer seal

a 17th century carved wooden Ionic capital

an antique, 18th century, red wine glass with spiral twist stem

an antique, cire perdue, bronze Hindu ghee lamp, Thookku Vilakku


sold from our eBay shop: Delta 98 Den Haag

African tribal art, a carved wooden 
Warthog mask, by the Toma People

a 17th century ceramic, Delftware tile, 
with a threemaster VOC ship

an Afghan silver seal ring 
with on a turquoise the mythical horse Pegasus

a pair, authentic art nouveau, gilt metal picture frames

an 18th century orthodox icon, depicting 
Saint Gregory - Agois Gregorius

a bronze Ife head, 20th century, Benin Africa


ceramic statue by Antonio Borsato, Italy

bronze statue of a Florentine singer musician, 
"Chanteur Frentin",
by Paul Dubois (1829-1905), 
F. Barbedienne Fondeur, 1865

a bronze head of an Arab boy,
sculptor unknown

Don Quixote and Rocinante,
a 1932 bronze, by 
Albert Termote (Dutch, 1887-1978)

a buste of a Nubian girl,
19th century, by one of the Giannelli 's

a lion and his prey, ceramic, 19th century

an Arab boy and his donkey, a bronze by
Alfred Dubucand (1828-1894)

silvered bronze statue of 
St. George and the dragon / Sint Joris en de draak