Antique wax seal of the station for plague sufferes and mental asylum in The Hague: Pesthuis en Dolhuis Den Haag

 recently sold by Delta 98 Den Haag to a USA collection: 

an antique wax / lacquer seal / stamp / sceau / lakstempel / zegelstempel

with text:

Pest en Dolhuis in Den Haag


station for plague sufferes and mental asylum in The Hague

this name of the institute was used between 1569 and 1827, we date this seal as 16th - 17th Century, the wooden hanlde is of much more recent date, after 1827 the name changed into: Verbeterhuis / Correction institute, written documents dating from 1453 are found with the name used: St. Antoniuskapel / St. Anthony's Chapel,and pre 1519 as:  Sieckhuys van der Pestilentie / House for the sick by the plague and in 1569 as: Pesthuis / Pesthuys or Sint Anthonispesthuis / plaguehouse,

until 1909 the institute was situated at the street corner of: Sint Anthoniestraat, later called Slijkeinde / Slikent and Vleerstraat, The Hague / Den Haag - Slijkeinde / Slikent meaning: dirt or mud road

a drawing of the building in 1570: Sint Anthonius kapel in 's Gravenhage (= Den Haag = The Hague), by Jacobus Stellingwerf:

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