art nouveau gilded bronze statue of a lady playing an arm held organ,
a mediƫval instrument known as: organetto portativo
- femme / musicienne avec orgue portatif -
by: Francois Alphonse Piquemal (France, 1869-1911)

jugendstil glass vase with gold floral decoration,
by: Carl Goldberg, circa 1910

art deco silver lacquer seal with it's original bronze stand / holder
the stamp depicts Aphrodite, on the pedestal Ares, the god of war
designed by: Gustav Gurschner (Austria, 1873-1970)
provenance: the secretary of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Doorn, The Netherlands

a German, art deco, dramatical bronze of a man on his horse
we titled it:
"bringing each other home"

a large art nouveau bronze sculpture
designed by: Felix Charpentier (France, 1858-1924)
title: Venus aux Hirondelles, date: 1893
also called: La Muse d'Ete, Farewell from a swallow, Venus with swallows

Dutch art deco, Amsterdam School stained glass lamp, circa 1920

La Fileuse, a girl with a spindle
antique gilt and silvered bronze with Ivory statue
by: Albert Ernest Carrier de Belleuse (France, 1824-1887)

a detail of the lid of a wooden with ivory box
by Pierre Emile Legrain (1889-1929)
art deco chair designed by
Pierre Emile Legrain (france, 1889-1929)

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