art deco porcelain Snake Dancer by Fraureuth Manufacture, Germany
a figure inspired on Arimand Banu,
the female Indian dancer and snake charmer in the 1920's

jugendstil lustre ware glass vase by Loetz Wwe, Klostermuhle

art deco bronze of a satyr on a deer
by Paul Eschert, circa 1920
"my feet are not that strange" "but they are"

Murano glass

art deco ceramic head by Amp Smit

art deco bronze Kantjil, by Armand Sinko for Etling, Paris

Dutch art deco, Amsterdam School enameled lamp

ceramic head by Ravelli Potterie, Leiden, Nederland

enameled Murano glass Wedding Goblet by Barovier

a bronze statue by Fri Heil - Verver (Dutch 1892-1983)

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