Some items sold by Delta 98 Den Haag in May 2021


"I can turn this way...."

"Or that way...."
a gilt bronze figure of an elegant lady,
art nouveau, circa 1900, by
Alphonse Henri Nelson 
(France, 1854-1919)

"Overthere! A mill! To the right!"

"Another mill! That way!"

The sculptor Albert Polydor Termote (1887-1932)
depicted in 1932 
Don Quixote de la Mancha on his horse Rocinante.
When taking a closer look at the head of the horse and 
the way she takes the next step,
you can tell that Rocinante is going neither way....
She will take the right way

Don Quixote - Don Quichot - Don Quijote

the sculptures are now in 
private collections in The Netherlands

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