various objects recently sold from the collection of Delta 98 Den Haag

an architectural building ornament
Dutch art deco - Amsterdam School, titled:
Het Denken - The Thought
designed circa 1925 by
Willem Coenraad Brouwer (Dutch, 1877-1933)

a terracotta vessel, a
Sicilian rhyton or Greek sirrup jar
made circa 100-200 BC

an extremely beautiful modelled and executed with great detail
porcelain figure of a standing hunting dog, known as
German Wirehaired Pointer
made and marked by
Metzler & Ortloff
executed between 1890 and 1945

an issue of the famous Dutch art deco magazine
this issue was initiated in 1929 and published in 1930
as volume 10, no. 10
subject: Russian Theatre - Russisch Toneel
f.e. Stanislawski, Meyerhold and Tairoff
cover design: Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita
- born in Amsterdam 1868, killed in Auschwitz 1944 -
layout: H. Th. Wijdeveld (1885-1987)

vintage, high performance enlarging lens
Apo-Rodagon 1: 2.8 f=50mm
made by
Rodenstock, Germany

a 19th century wooden plaque with handpainted
coat of arms / familiewapen and motto
Cassis Tutissima Virtus
- virtue is the safest helmet -
belonging to
Joan Daniel Wilhelm van Arkel baron d'Ablaing

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