wishing to have it back...a bronze by Carl Muschard

a bronze statue of Mephisto 
as a jester with two monkeys on his shoulders
by Carl Muschard

 Many years ago we were standholders at the collectables fair, 
Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs in Utrecht.

My husband was walking around, searching for items to buy.
He came back and said:
"I saw a bronze statue, come and have a look"
On the way there he told me the price of the dealer and that was high.
"Overthere", he said, "in the middle of that stand"
We were at least 15 meters from the stand, 
but I saw enough.
I got mad and turnend around while saying, probably with an angry face:
"Of course you should buy that"
and I walked back to our stand.

The dealer might have seen my angry face 
and offered the statue for a much lower price to my husband

It became ours.
And I loved it so very much.

It was a jester in a triumphant pose,
with on each shoulder a monkey, 
they were holding his crown in place with one hand,
with the other they held their own head in despair

Less then two weeks later we had it with us on the
The Hague Art Deco Fair
and sold it.....horrible.

I would love to have it back.
To keep. For ever.

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