18th Century Hindu oil Lamps, sold on eBay by Delta 98 Den Haag

18th century Indian oil - ghee wicker lamps
from the collection of 
Delta 98 Den Haag,
The Hague, The Netherlands

sold: a small, hand held oil lamp with beautiful peacock design

Craftsmanship - definition:

"very detailed work that has been done using a lot of skill,
so that the result is beautiful"

"the speacial skill that someone uses to make 
something beautiful with their hands"

sold: a large, 18th Century Thookku Vilakku, an Indian hanging oil / ghee lamp

 a quote I found, from Richard Glover:

"There's very little in the world that takes my breath away quite like an object that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made item.
That which is beautiful is increasingly difficult to come by in a world where a premium is placed on speed, and things are made to be disposable.
We often sacrifice real craftsmanship at the altar of expediency.
While we are still capable of recognizing the value of something that has been expertly constructed, we often choose the cheap and easy option instead"

in our eBay shop we offer some more 
antique Hindu oil lamps, for example this, so called
a hand held Hindu procession / auspicious oil lamp for many flames

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